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Life is already a challenge without adding  the additional stress of a traumatic event, and for some, a series of traumatic events. 


You may feel stuck. Alone. And unsure if you will ever be the same again. 


This is where I come in to help:Whether you have experienced a significant loss of a loved one, loss of a home or a sense of stability, or even the loss of your identity- there is hope.


For some it's one big event that sends them into a fear based frenzy. For others, it may be a difficult childhood that is now affecting your current relationships, your job, and/or your sense of self. 


Trauma takes many forms and from what I have seen, many people misunderstand what trauma really is. Trauma is defined in the dictionary as a  "deeply distressing or disturbing experience". As you can see, this is a wide ranged definition. What matters is how your mind, body and spirit recorded the difficult experience. You know it's a trauma when you look back and feel a sense of unease, anxiety, depression or other related emotions.


For some, they may not remember much at all. You might instead become numb or disconnected from the experience. You become numb when your body is trying to protect you from feeling the intensity of emotional pain, and you become anxious/hypervigilent when your body is no longer able to "digest" or assimilate the information that has come into your awareness.Without the knowledge that you have been through trauma  (and of no fault of your own)  you may harbor guilt, shame, and a deep wound of disconnection from your highest and most loving self (she is in there!). 


I'm here to tell you that the trauma response you may be having right now is normal for what you have been through.


Your brain is wired for healing, you just need the right support, the right therapeutic interventions, and a committment to regain the life you thought you lost. 


Are you ready to take the sacred journey back home to your heart? If so, I would love to help support you on this journey of not just the relief of trauma symptoms, but to deepen your connection to your Soul so that no matter what happens, you will feel safe deep within. 


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Trauma, Loss and Grief  

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