Dear Beautiful Soul, 

It is very  likely that the most important thing you want to know is...can she REALLY help me? It's unlikely that listing my degree and training experience first is going to tell you very much about who I am as a therapist and whether that translates into the relief you need so badly right now. I imagine that it would be equally helpful to know why I do this work and why I am passionate about anxiety and trauma relief therapy. 


To start, I love working with clients with these challenges because I've been there. I have walked my own personal healing journey that includes using many of the tools I use with my clients now. Of course, there is not a one size fits all therapy because every person is unique. Therefore, my approach is to align with your therapeutic needs so we can create a treatment plan that best fits your sacred journey to wellness. And for the record am no different from you, I broke through the deep challenges of trauma and anxiety and YOU CAN TOO. Do you know how I know this? Because I haven't met a person yet who doesn't have this innate sense of resiliency, even if it feels covered up or hidden right now. Even if you don't have a lot of hope that you can transform your life from the inside out- I will hold the hope for you until you are able to carry it on your own. 


The clients who tend to get the most out of therapy with me are the ones who are committed to weekly sessions and followthrough on the "homework" between sessions. When it is a joint effort between the two of us, profound changes can take place. 


I don't do just typical talk therapy. We don't have sessions where we continally talk about the problem until we are both blue in the face. Studies have actually shown that we can re-suppress our emotions if we continually talk about an issue.  Instead, we focus on the core solutions right from the beginning. Self expression can happen on many levels. I have found that talking about the problem is one level, exploring the body's sensations and emotions are another, and if we really want to get to the core of things- the alignment with your Soul, Higher Self, Self, Inner Guide, Spirit, whatever you would like to call it (it's up to you!) is imparative. Deep meangingful change and higher awareness comes from this connection and (in my opinion) it is the most profound way to not only relieve your symptoms, but to step into the joy filled life that you truly deserve. One of the most important qualities as a therapist that I want to share with you is my deeply committed path to authenticity, compassion, and spiritual growth. If you are ready to share your sacred journey with me, it would be an honor to walk side by side with you. 


Meet Amie Lynn Dean 


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California 

The therapy relationship is meant to feel supportive in addition to feeling confident that the therapist has the tools and expertise to help you with your treatment goals. When it's a right fit, it allows you to explore the depths of your inner world. To make the search for a therapist easier (because I know it can sometimes be a challenge!)  check out this page on my site.

My Credentials 

I am licensed as Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT)  in the state of California, my education includes the following: 


  • Bachelors in Psychology from American Public University 
  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA
  • Non-secular doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics 
  • I am a clinically certified trauma counselor, I have extensive experience on healing trauma at the deepest level 


In order to become licensed as a LMFT in California I completed 3,000 hours of face to face experience counseling clients in addition to my educational requirements. I have also been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) which is an incredible trauma therapy, Acceptance and Committment Therapy which is excellent for anxiety, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and many more-f ind out more about types of therapy I offer here. 


My spiritual training experience includes Reiki energy healing,  Shamanic training from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, using tuning forks for energy re-balancing and more. 


I also have an online training community where I teach how to access the Akashic Records  to discover your Soul's purpose, transform influences from past lives and much more more. Click here to learn more.


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