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    Am I a      Highly Sensitive Person? 

Let's be honest...
You've suffered enough. It doesn't matter if you have been struggling with heightened anxiety for a few weeks or many years, enough is enough! Anxiety and/or a history of trauma can be very debilitating.
See if any of these sound like you:

You have experienced deep loss and trauma (early on in life or throughout your adult life)
*You suffer with perfectionism, anxiety or a strong inner critic 
*You have panic attacks out of nowhere sometimes
*You are a worrier and often feel afraid of not being in control
*There is a phobia (deep fear of a specific situation) you've been struggling with that has resulted in a lower quality of life
* You wake up with anxiety, worry or a deep fear each day and as it follows you through your busy day you wonder...why is this happening to me??
* You consider yourself a sensitive person or an empath. Maybe  you sense and feel the emotions of others and need space to yourself to gather your energy.  If so, you may be a highly sensitive person (HSP) and it means that your brain works differently than others.
*You tend to get stomach aches, dizziness and/or have chronic pain that affects your ability to function
*There are other members of your family who struggle with anxiety
If you can identify with at least one of these statements (or something similar) you are in the right place!
First and most importantly - there is NOTHING wrong with you!
In fact, the anxiety and other symptoms of trauma is a sign that there is something RIGHT with you. I know it sounds counter intuitive but stay with me...the truth is, these symptoms are a sign that your mind and body are feeling unsafe.  Chronic anxiety is your alarm system that something has gone awry in your physical and energetic body. Its a sign that your mind and body are working to protect you, to help guide you back to a place of peace.
The anxiety led you here and if you've come this far on the site, you are opening the self awareness channels within and  you are already on your way to geting better.
Unlike many other therapies, I work with you to get to the root of the anxiety using holistic and well researched modalities.  Instead of just helping you get back to how you felt before things were so hard, I want to help you expand what you thought was possible and help you merge with your true authentic self. This is core mind, body and spiritual therapy work. While we absolutely  explore the layers of the mind, and we rebuild the relationship with your body- foundationally we are focusing on the realignment with your Spirit.
From a holistic and spiritual perspective, when you are connected to the deep inner knowing within, anxiety/symptoms becomes a fleeting part of your life instead of a chronically painful experience. The goal is not to make anxiety the enemy and to strive to get rid of it, but instead to create a new relationship with anxiety so it no longer runs your life.
If this speaks to you and your emotional and spiritual needs, I would love to be apart of your Sacred Journey to remembering your wholeness. Click the "Schedule a Consultation" link on the top right of the page to get started or give me a call/email to get in touch for any questions.

Is This Right For Me?

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